Thanks to you, my loyal customers, we are now able to offer free gifts! To do that, you have to hit one of the 4 tiers:
  • $50 will get you a $10-$15 toy
  • $100 will get you a $20-$25 toy
  • $200 will get you a $40-$50 toy
  • $500 will get you a $90-$100 toy

You are only eligible for one free toy per order.

Toys will be switched out monthly and we try to pick new toys whenever possible-otherwise we will pick best sellers. You may still buy the free gifts separately but why do that when you can potentially get it free?

In an event that we receive your order and the free gift is out of stock, we will email you and your options are the following:

  • you may wait for the item to get back in stock (we will keep you updated)
  • you may pick another free item to replace it
  • you will receive a coupon for the value of the item and you can use that to pick another item from our catalog. If the item you pick is more than the value, you will have to pay the difference. Since your item is considered free, you will also get free shipping.