Would you like to earn more money off toward your future purchases?

Right now we have a couple different ways to save money.

First, we have the Wicked Points program! You get 1000 points just for signing up, which means you automatically earn $10 off your next purchase, if you choose to use it.

Once you reach the next 500 points, you earn another $5 off a future purchase. If you reach 1000 points, you get $10 and if you reach 2500 points, you get $25 off! For each $1 you spend, you get 200 Wicked Points.

Also, if you refer a friend and they make a purchase, you will earn 1000 points (which means $10) AND your friend receives 40% off THEIR first purchase. You may refer as many friends as you like.

Earn 1000 points each for following us on and liking us on Facebook and Instagram, plus another 1000 each for sharing us!

Share your birthday with us, and get another $10 off.

We are working on other loyalty programs so please check back often!

In order for you to get your redemption codes, we need your email. Rest assured that we will NEVER sell your emails to ANYONE.

If you want to join our Wicked Points program, click on the box that says 'REWARDS' on the bottom of your screen and sign up! If, for some reason, you are having trouble signing up, shoot us an email and we will sign you up directly.